Monday, April 11, 2011

Layer It by Ear-Part 3

Fiskars' has an amazing array of craft supplies. Today, I've chosen to take their circle paper punch and try to do a little something out of the ordinary with it. Take a look.

Punching circles from various colors of cardstock, I then glued the circles one on top of another (*circle, glue, circle, glue, circle). After a stack of six circles, I applied a constant pressure and let dry. After drying, the tower is ready to cut in to. Designs are one of a kind and very tempermental to pressure, angle and slides of hand. After I got my desired look, I added varied embelishments to compliment the paper work. Earring hooks were added, the craft is very wearable.

*All cuts are made with the detail tool, and the partial holes were made using the craft hand drill.

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