Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh Yelle!

The Masquerade in Atlanta showcased Yelle, on Monday April 25, 2011.
It was one awesome show! The lead singer of Yelle, Julie is very beautiful and very petite. I was very near the front row and was able to admire her from only a few feet away. She danced back and forth across the stage in a pair of worn, white keds. The constant steps of dance caused Julie's dice earrings to sway with the band's catchy beats.
I adore all of Yelle's songs, and although I can't always decipher the french lyrics, the upbeat tempos keep my interest strong.
After the show, there was a meet and greet with the band. Unfortunately, I was only able to meet one of the three due to some time constraints but in my opinion, the more handsome of the three, Tepr.
Once I got home, I was so inspired by Julie's dice earrings, that I decided to construct a pair of my own. I didn't have any dice so I molded some with poly clay and used seed beads as the number markers, drilled a hole thru the middle and placed some wire, and fashioned a hoop where an earring hook was placed.
If I can't be a rock star...I'm at least going to look like one.

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