Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pin I Love

I have an obsession of making pins. I see them as little works of art one can wear to add a little something more to their outfit--like sprinkles on a cupcake. I'm including pics of few pins i've put together for fun.
This pin was for breast cancer awareness. This was not the first pin drafted, as the original was deemed, "too racy".
The Original, in all it's nippled glory.

The kiss design was made in homage to my favorite band of all time, The Cure. Lead singer Robert Smith is known for his signiture red lips, therefore; I thought it a great idea to represent them. On one set of lips (the pair on rob's mouth) you can note a small variation. These lips were molded to simliar artwork drawn on The Cure's, "Just Like Heaven" album single.

Last, the eye. A fellow Cure fan had mentioned she was looking for a necklace that had a "sort of third eye." This is my representation of her idea, in pin form. I added fine, red vein detail with fibers off a piece of red felt. I glossed the entire eye over with a clear embossing powder. *All items pictured are made from polymer clay.

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