Sunday, June 3, 2012

Love Cats Toys

This week, I took on the task of making a couple of cat toys for some furry companions. Since these toys are for Cure friends, I wanted the toys to have a Cure theme. I took a design from my favorite album artwork off of The Cure album, Wish. I first made some quick shape templates on scrap paper and found bright colors to match the artwork. It was fun trying to use felt and floss to re-create drawn artwork; but I did use a NON-toxic paint to add cloud detail on the blue felt.
I think the hardest thing I encountered was finding a plastic filling with enough CRINKLE sounds to keep a cat inerested. I ended up using a cut up water bottle. I made sure all sides of the plastic were smooth to the touch before anchoring it on my felt with a stitch. The eye layers were layed out on the blue felt, and stitched down with the black (pupil) lines. With plastic between black and blue felt; I stitched all together with a simple back stitch all along exterior.
*Not pictured is my last minute addition of sporadic black fringe on hearts' exterior. I'm not sure about the size of the finished project, I kind of think it's a bit on the big size (4 X 4inches). Even if it isn't the cats' favorite toy, I know it will be the best looking toy.
*my hand sewing got a little wiggly when I tried to multi task by sewing AND walking on the tredmill.