Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March Craft Update!

I recorded a video showing most of the stuff I made in the month of March. I a lot of small stuff!  I even started to bead, again.  The beading project didn't end well, however.  I mention in the video about how the finished beaded product came out looking like small broom and that I didn't want to wear two brooms on my ear, so only one earring was made.  Don't you just hate a project that doesn't transform in to craft gold!? Maybe I can attach the broom to a mixed media piece of some sorts.  Anyways, in the craft haul you'll see my regular polymer clay stuff, along with some resin and a dash of jewelry making.  I made this awesome shadow box that I forgot to include in the video...that pic is on my instagram.  I hope you enjoy the video!  I haven't started crafting this month...but am really looking forward to getting started, already!
Youtube Video HERE