Sunday, March 4, 2012

Freezer Paper Stencil- Concert Tee

Many of you know that my ultimate favorite band is The Cure. I like to wear my concert t-shirts to show the world my admiration of the band. There is a large selection of concert t-shirts for adults, but the selection for little tykes is near non existent...or very over priced. So, I took it as a challenge to try and make a Cure logo shirt for a toddler, ON THE CHEAP.
I've see plenty of tutorials about the wonders of using freezer paper as a fabric stencil. The stuff is easy to find and a big roll of it runs around four dollars. You simply tear a sheet off and draw your desired logo on to the paper side of the freezer paper. Cut your design out, and on a low to med. iron setting, lay logo on to fabric, plastic side down--and iron. The plastic side melts to your fabric! The fabric paint I used is by Duncan and has the word SOFT printed on the outside of the bottle, but I think any fabric paint would do. *Make sure to place cardboard between layers of fabric. To control the amount of paint applied, I used a brush and did a dapping like motion ( I didn't want the bristles/paint to get underneath the sentcil). Before the paint dried, I dusted with FINE glitter in desired sections of logo. I let the paint dry for an hour before I pulled freezer paper. Finally, I did warm (low setting) iron over recently painted project; to heat set.
Easy as pie! And with the supplies you use to do this project, you can make many more shirts for all your friends and family. The gift of COOL!