Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Watching The Cure in Mexico City!

At the end of March, The Cure announced that they were going to tour Latin America.  I was so excited at the news and knew I needed to be a part of the music.  I decided I would attend the April 21st concert in Mexico City, Mexico.  My mom makes a good travel partner so I asked her if she would like to attend the concert with me.  She agreed and we bought our tickets for Mexico City, traveling to MC on April 20th, leaving MC on April 23rd.
April 20th came with great anticipation!  I couldn't wait get on the plane and get to my destination, Unfortunately, a suspicious package would shut down the interstate to the airport while I was en route.  The traffic delay would ultimately make me miss my flight (Insert seriously sad face here). Fortunately, I was able to book a flight two hours after my original departure time. 
Touching down in Mexico City was a welcome relief.  I arrived at the hotel a few minutes before my mom (she flew in from AZ).  Once getting our room, we made a quick trek to the supermarket for some essential bottled water and then called it a day, we had an event packed day to rest for.
Sunday came early for me.  I was up around 5am.  The hour back (time change) did work in my favor, but anticipation was my real alarm clock.  Mom and I still needed to pick up our concert tickets at Will Call.
Finding a Ticketmaster Will Call was difficult.  I couldn't get English directions, just fingers pointing in a general direction. Three hours in to the search, we were able to run encounter a nice man who spoke enough English to get us where we needed to go. I gotta say, that after the search we went on for Will Call, holding the tickets in my hands felt so AWESOME!
When we got back to the hotel room, Mom decided to take a siesta.  I took those two hours of quiet time to apply many layers of eye liner, perfecting my Cure concert look. By the time Mom woke up, I was ready to go to a concert! Unfortunately, I had wait around for Mom to get ready. Does she always take this long to get ready?!?!
FINALLY, Mom and I were able to catch a taxi from the hotel to the stadium, Foro Sol.  A quarter mile from the stadium, pedestrian traffic became just as heavy as vehicle traffic. An unofficial uniform worn by most--a black tee; many tee's showcasing the mug of Mr. Robert Smith.
When we exited from the taxi, it took some major walking to get to our seats.  There were just so many people.  I would later find out that the show was sold out- 57,000 tickets!
57,000 people is really a very cool sight. At the end of the four hour concert, there were 57, 000 smiles.  This was my 8th Cure concert and my first time seeing The Cure out of the U.S. I'm really glad I decided to see The Cure in Mexico. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Flower Crown

Flower crowns are everywhere!  Every picture I see from a music festival, 1/3 of the chicks in the pictures are wearing flower crowns.  So inevitably, I thought--I want one!  I didn't really plan anything out...just kinda DID IT.  I found some flowers at the craft store that caught my fancy, a small bouquet at 50% off brought the price down to four bucks.  Once I got the flowers home, I did numerous YouTube searches on DIY flower crowns.  There were so many ways to go about making the crown...but I didn't really like the directions I was watching.  I wanted to use the whole flower, bud and wire stem.
 I brought in some thin wire I owned, and began to wrap the flowers together.  I staggered the flowers, bud after bud.  I contured the wire to the shape of my head, tied the two ends together.  I bent the flowers outward, just so I had the full bud showcased.  To cover the wire wrapping I did, I used a green ribbon to cover the wire. In all, I think I like my crown more than any tutorial I watched.  Most the tutorials I watched had no regards to the cost of supplies. When I craft, I try to do it effectively and most importantly CHEAPLY!. Just to break down cost:  Flowers $4, wire $Gifted, Ribbon $.20 (I got it @ a yard sale).  Total $4.20.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I'm ending the day with wonderful feelings.  I had my birthday today! Didn't do anything special.  I treated myself to a massage with facial and then a long stroll in the craft store.  Late evening, Ry and I had a wonderful hibachi meal. I was so stuffed from dinner that I barely had room for cake.  I had half a slice of cake and gave the rest to the pugs--they looked cute with their frosting mustaches. 
I've been in my art room playing with my new craft purchases for the past few hours...now its time to go to bed.  I took the day off work today, but reality must resume tomorrow.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cell phone cover painted

Months ago I posted about how I painted my cell phone cover.  Well, one night I began to pick at the paint, peel off some stickers and before I knew it, had totally striped the case back to its original state.  I can't have plain, yuck! So I dug out some fabric paints and went to work.  No fancy design, just simple dots of paint in a cluster or colors.  I really like how it turned out...and am really loving the texture that the paints give the design.