Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Flower Crown

Flower crowns are everywhere!  Every picture I see from a music festival, 1/3 of the chicks in the pictures are wearing flower crowns.  So inevitably, I thought--I want one!  I didn't really plan anything out...just kinda DID IT.  I found some flowers at the craft store that caught my fancy, a small bouquet at 50% off brought the price down to four bucks.  Once I got the flowers home, I did numerous YouTube searches on DIY flower crowns.  There were so many ways to go about making the crown...but I didn't really like the directions I was watching.  I wanted to use the whole flower, bud and wire stem.
 I brought in some thin wire I owned, and began to wrap the flowers together.  I staggered the flowers, bud after bud.  I contured the wire to the shape of my head, tied the two ends together.  I bent the flowers outward, just so I had the full bud showcased.  To cover the wire wrapping I did, I used a green ribbon to cover the wire. In all, I think I like my crown more than any tutorial I watched.  Most the tutorials I watched had no regards to the cost of supplies. When I craft, I try to do it effectively and most importantly CHEAPLY!. Just to break down cost:  Flowers $4, wire $Gifted, Ribbon $.20 (I got it @ a yard sale).  Total $4.20.

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