Monday, July 29, 2013

More film work!

I've been fairly busy these last two months with film work.  In June, I scored a pretty good gig working on Tyler Perry's sitcom, For Better or Worse.  I am the reoccurring nail tech in the show's salon.  I ended up working on around 8 episodes. 
Recently, I worked on an Adam Sandler movie called, Blended.  In the two days I was at the set, I worked 24 hours!  Unfortunately, most of that time was in the extra's holding-waiting to get ON set.
It was last month that one of the projects I worked on in December, finally showed. 

The show is Devious Maids on the Lifetime channel.  Again, my good friend Shawn was able to get these crystal clear photos from the show.  I'm the woman in pink. 
The next project I may be seen in is this Tuesday on BET, The Game. We'll see if that showing will provide any good still shots of my extra work.