Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Out of My Zone- Eye Patch

Recently, my friend's Doctor perscribed her an eye patch to wear. Its black, bulky look was none too pleasing to my friend, nor was the fit. Feeling sympathetic to her situation, I asked her if I might try and make her a patch more "fitting" to her style and needs. She complied and willingly gave me one of her current eye patches from which to make a pattern from. I disassembled her original patch and laid it out on thick, recycled card stock. I traced around it and and cut it out--making myself a pattern.
I decided that two pattern pieces were needed so that any raw edge of fabric could be hidden within the patch. That being said, I traced and cut out two patches from cardstock. To make the concave nature of the patch, I cut the marked center line, making a flap. The flap got pulled over and tacked with glue.
I held the flap in place with a clothes pin until I was sure the glue was dry. Once dry, I sprayed the exterior of one patch and the interior of the other, with spray adhesive. The spray glued areas had an up-cycled cardigan stretched over (or pressed in to) patch. A rough cut seam of approx. 1/8" of fabric was left around cardstock. I used my Tombow Mono Multi glue to go around the very exterior cardstock. When the Mono Multi glue dries, it's very tacky. Those raw fabric edges got turned in to the Mono glue, leaving beautiful finished edges.
I attached one 16 1/2" piece of elastic to both edges of patch and sandwhiched everything together with a strong, clear, flexible glue.
The eye patch came out better than I ever expected, but more importantly, my friend LOVES it! P.S. Since making the first eye patch, I've successfully made more eye patches from felted cashmere, felt and even silk! Trying something new, can be very rewarding in several aspects.

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  1. That's the sweetest, most personal craft-gift I've seen in a while. What a good friend you are!