Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sometimes, U Just Gotta Paint

Sometimes I just get an itch to paint something. I'm not talking about painting renior-esqe masterpieces on canvas; I'm talking about slapping some paint on something!

The victim to my paint--random sized, various shape wood cut-outs.
No paint brushes for this project, just cotton swabs.
A BLACK Sharpie
Masking Tape
Lots of Acrylic Paint

I didn't start my project with a set outcome, just kinda wanted to play around with some techniques. Because I really like Pendalton blanket colors, I wanted to get some of those designs and color on the wood.

The outcome was nice. To achieve the gradient effect, I simply taped around a section to be colored; let dry--and moved on to next color. To get the black detail, I used my black sharpie.

I'm not sure what the final outcome of these painted shapes will be, but I did think they might be nice as a background for something or maybe a fancy button for a bag.

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