Sunday, June 20, 2010

For the Tooth Fairy

My brother's last dentist trip did not go so well. The ending result was a tooth pulled. I'm vain about teeth. I don't think I would be too out of line to say that many of us are. Lots of money goes in to a perfect smile. Although my brother wasn't too concerned about his recent loss; I couldn't get that tooth off my mind.
So, I did what I do best, make something. Instead of thinking about the tooth, I made a tooth. I bought a pack of white polymer clay and got to sculpting a molar. It was really quite easy. I cut the general shape, used an exacto knife for detail and smoothed the clay as to not leave finger prints. I baked the clay as required--and viola! Any rough edges I sanded down with fine sand paper. To share my toothy idea, I glued the tooth on to a tack and attached it to my jacket. I always receive the same comment/question, "Is that a tooth?" Admirers can get their own at
So today I asked myself, "What else can I do with this tooth?" Tooth, teeth, losing teeth, TOOTH FAIRY! A stylish container for a small tooth, for easy accessibility that all tooth fairies can appreciate. I took the a fore mentioned tooth (without tack), sawed the top off, hollowed it out and used an old clip earring as the flip top mechanism. I glued the clip earring on to the tooth top and inner bottom (making sure to match up the top with bottom.

A stylish tooth container is made! Since I've well past the age of collecting from the TF, I though the container fit for my pug's puppy tooth. Since not everyone is into keeping a small dog's tooth, the container is the perfect cover up.

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