Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Failure to FAB

I saw this woman wearing an amazing bleached denim over shirt.  The denim had been bleached in a tie dye effect, thus leaving her shirt with tons of pattern.
I purchased a turqoise, button up shirt at a yard sale and thought I would try to do my own bleach tie dye diy. I crinkled the shirt up and held the random folds with rubber bands. I put a cup of bleach in a small tub of bleach and threw the balled up shirt in. I left the shirt in the bleach water over night. In the morning I eagerly removed the rubber bands only to realize....that nothing happened. The shirt looked the same as before it took its bleach bath. Whaaa? Looking at the shirts tag I read that 30%of the material is polyester...30% of polyester makes for 100% failure when it comes to bleaching out color. I call the project quits.
A week later I come upon a detached silk collar in my project pile. I decide that collar would look nice on a solid colored shirt. I hand stitched the collar on to the existing collar and voila...failure to fab!
Shirt in bleach over night
No change to shirt color so new collar was added
Collar was sewn on to existing collar for stability.

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  1. love the new collar.. c: must definitely try this one soon.