Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jason and The CUREonauts tee

Alright, this is another craft done with The Cure in mind.  I'm not usually this fanatic, but with all their current SummerCure festivals in play, I have to do something to take my mind off not being able to attend. is my attempt at making a space/galaxy shirt with the text of "Jason and the Cureonauts".

Plain, black, cotton tee (I grabbed mine from the thrift store)
My shirt had a fancy neck, so I taped it up because I did not want bleach or paint on it.

Follow Galaxy Shirt Tutorial
While the galaxy paint job dried, I began making my text stencil. Freezer paper makes a good, cheap stencil and is very good to use when you're making an original.  Freezer paper has two sides, a plastic side and a paper side-draw your text on paper side. 
Once you get all your text cut out, use HOT iron to melt the plastic side of your freezer paper on to t shirt. Use brush to dab fabric paint on to shirt/stencil. I peel stencil off while paint is still wet.  When fully dry, your shirt is complete!

*I plan on hand washing this shirt...not too trusting of all that bleach used early on

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