Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Make white hairs FUN

With my 31st birthday on its way, I've been staring in to the mirror longer than I usual do, doing scans over face and hair looking for minute details of aging. All had been fine until my discovery of a white hair! I let the white hair stay, despite my urge to yank it. Over the following days, I noticed that the one hair started to multiply and the new,white hairs count ended in double digits! To make light of the current situation, I whipped out my pink Sharpie. For each white strand of hair, I ran the Sharpie up and down the length of the strand, saturating it in the bright hue. The depression of the bleak, white is now pink and cheery. This getting older stuff is a breeze (kinda). *Not sure how long the color lasts, although I would suspect the color would come out with ease after a few washes.

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  1. That's a cute idea! Thank you for popping over to comment on my pendant giveaway. Stay tuned for the tutorial and the announcement of the winner this Wednesday!

    Agy of Green Issues.