Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Easy Cufflinks

During one of our thrift store hauls, my mom and I picked up a beautiful blouse. After we purchased it and got it home, we noticed the blouse was missing its cufflinks.  We went looking through our wardrobe to see if we already owned a blouse with a pair of cufflinks, thinking we would just pop the links off and use them on the thrift store blouse.  Unfortunately, there were no cufflinks to be found. So then I throw out the idea, "Why don't I just make some?" Mom looked a bit unsure, but replied with a, "If you think you can."
I love a challenge, but as it would turn out, making your own pair of cufflinks is a piece of cake!  All you need to get you started is a pair of cufflink bases that you can purchase at a local craft store.  Once you got your bases, you need to decide upon a design. I went with a couple of flat backed turquoise stones I had lying around my craft room and some champagne colored micro beads. I affixed both the stones and micro beads to each cufflink base with some clear epoxy.  That's it!  *TIP, if you are using a sealant/glue/glaze and you want the product to stay level with your work (and prevent spillage over the sides) use rice to stabilize your craft upright.

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