Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cupcake Palooza

A couple hours north of Atlanta, there is a town that has a Cabbage Patch Hospital. It's a very cute place.  When our family last visited the CPH, my niece adopted a CP toddler which she named after one of her favorite singers, Katy Perry.  I don't know too many Katy Perry songs, but I did see/hear the song, California Girls. From the California music video, I did take a vivid memory of the cupcake bra worn by the singer. I think you can guess where I'm taking this....I wanted to make my niece's cabbage patch doll, a cupcake bra. The craft turned out to be quick and easy. I crafted the cake part of the cupcake from poly clay and stuck that on to the lid from a Poweraid bottle. I used some food dye to color silicon chalking, pink.  Sprinkled the whole thing with glitter and of course, topped it all off with poly clay cherry! I had some extra cupcakes at the end of the craft so I stuck one on a headband. The finished projects are so realistic looking, I'm going to have to remind my four year old niece, "Do not eat!"
Hippo modeling the cupcake bra.

They look yummy but do not eat!

Cupcake headband

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