Saturday, August 7, 2010

Curtain vest and true blood inspiration

I had some leftover faux silk from the curtains I made months ago--so in the "Sound of Music" style, I decided to fashion couture from the curtains. I cut the vest pieces last night. Usually when I start a sewing project, I move at a snails pace, but for whatever reason, I woke up ready to sew.
I must note that I got this vest pattern at the goodwill--hence, it was used. When I pick up patterns at the thrift, I don't think to check to make sure everything is there. Well fortunately all the pattern pieces are there, but no english instructions--ONLY FRENCH. Quoi? This really shouldn't be a prob for me because I studied french for 5 years, RIGHT? We won't mention how I was at the bottom of the class 4 of those 5.
Luckily, there were plenty of pics to guide me along. Things went fairly smooth. I'm actually looking forward to making another vest. I def. need the size upped and am thinking about a ruffle color and buttons.
**On my down time from the sewing machine, I created this little polymer clay pin to show my love for the show 'true blood'. OHHH! I can wear it on my vest! I love how my subconscious thinks.

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